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Capital Raising

Dollar Bills

An injection of capital can often be the fuel that’s needed to help your business take off. PMI is expert at identifying the best structure, source and cost of capital to make it happen.


We strive to ascertain the most economically attractive and flexible financing structures consistent with current market conditions and management objectives. Most importantly, We seek to protect present shareholder value, while allowing for maximum flexibility. We advise our clients on the process of raising seed capital or operating capital and the equity or debt required to accomplish the shareholders’ goals. Whether it’s expansion or business turnaround,  our clients benefit from our significant experience and success in corporate finance restructuring.

As an advisor, we seek to:

  • Assist in the reorganization & restructuring of financial assets and liabilities and create the most beneficial financial environment for the company.

  • Advise on the optimum corporate financing structure, taking into account the client’s historical and projected operating results, shareholder/management needs and investor requirements.

  • Assist in the preparation of requisite offering materials for institutional investors to make a solid commitment to purchase the offered securities.

  • Assist in negotiating conditions to obtain commitments on material terms, including pricing, prepayments, covenant structure, etc.

  • Oversee the subsequent phases of the process to assure a timely close.

Our capital raising advisory services cover a broad range of transactions including:

  • Convertible securities

  • Raising capital through private equity

  • Secured asset financing

  • Going private transactions

  • Project financings

  • Assist in obtaining investor relations services for reputable firms.

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