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Uplistings To A Senior Exchange

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In order to Uplist to NASDAQ or NYSE, there is no requirement that your company undertakes an offering to raise capital, provided you meet the Exchange requirements. Specifically, if your company has the required amount of shareholders and at least $5 million in shareholders equity, then a simultaneous capital raise is not necessary as part of the Uplist process. However, many companies who are looking to Uplist may need to undertake a simultaneous registered offering in order to meet the thresholds required by a higher exchange.


For example, both exchanges require a positive shareholders equity of at least $5 million and for the company to have at least 300 

shareholders. Some OTC companies do not meet these requirements and therefore may need to undertake a registered offering in order to raise the capital required to meet the shareholders equity requirement as well as to bring in the retail shareholders to meet the requirement of having at least 300 shareholders.

If your company needs to undertake a registered offering, you will need an investment banker to underwrite such offering. we have worked with many of the small and mid-cap investment bankers who underwrite the types of registered offerings mentioned above. 

In addition to meeting the requirements for an Uplist, a registered offering might allow your company to raise capital on more favorable terms than a PIPE or other type of financing. We suggest that you raise the minimum amount of funds necessary to get to the higher exchange and then raise additional funds once you are on the higher exchange which, likely, will be at a higher valuation.


We educate our clients on the time, cost and process for a registered offering so they can make the proper decision when choosing a banker and evaluate, with their counsel, the terms and proposals.

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