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Real Estate Projects

Interested in Investing into Real Estate Projects Overseas? For Brokerage Services, Call PMI

When you’re looking into investing, you want to know that what you do is good for your financial portfolio. Our business offers brokerage services and can support you through any real estate projects that you decide to participate in. We work in several countries, so you can invest in real estate projects across the globe. Some of our branches are located in: in California, North Carolina, Florida, New York, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Vietnam. If you want to invest internationally, now is the time. We offer brokerage services that support your goals, allowing you to invest where it makes sense for your company.

Why look into the Asian markets? With countries like China growing exponentially, it’s an amazing market that is untapped by many companies. Why not offer your products and services to billions of interested people? Why not use your company’s own success to continue its growth? At PMI, we will work with you to advise you on the best way to grow your company and its services in China and beyond. We do offer a unique collaborative experience with the China Hong-Kong Stock Connect option. The scheme covers 2,000 eligible equities in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Shanghai. The collaboration allows international and Chinese traders and investors to exchange securities between the markets. We provide global brokerage solutions to our clients here at PMI, so if you’re interested in tapping into that market, we are here to help you get started. Give us a call today at 1-800-506-6068. You can also email us for information at Our team would love to talk to you more about your goals for investment and what you’d like to see happen with your business as you consider breaking into the Asian market.

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