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Financial Investment

Do You Need Support with Financial Investment Strategies? Perhaps You’re Interested in Equity investments or Investment Banking? At Precursor Management, Inc., We’re Here to Help

Precursor Management, Inc. was established in the United States over 20 years ago. In 2003, PMI came to China, where it now has affiliate companies throughout the country. We work with overseas listing, comprehensive financial services, mergers and acquisitions, and so much more. We’ve successfully assisted 78 Chinese state-owned enterprises and private companies that are in the Hong Kong capital market as well as the US capital market. We work in all industries such as Education, Media, IT, Biotechnology, agriculture and others. Our projects have ranged in size from $500,000 to over $70 million USD.
Why work with our financial investment corporation? We’re all over the United States and China, making it easy for you to get into touch with us. We’re located in Toronto, Canada, as well. You can come to our branches in North Carolina, California, New York, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Vietnam and other locations.
Our investment strategies are linked closely to China’s macroeconomic development and growth policies. Our companies have grown to be among the most competitive industry leaders in China thanks to our help. We can help you with anything from raising capital to learning more about the Shanghai Stock Exchange.
If you are interested in investing, you may want to talk to our team about investing between the Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock exchanges. Through Stock Connect, you can do it, and we can help you learn how. We offer global brokerage solutions to our clients, and our Hong Kong brokerage firm partner provides up to 300% of margin financing.
On our website, you’ll find helpful videos and documents that give you a better idea of what we do. You can learn more about our services by clicking on “services” on our main page. We work closely with investment banks, and we are here to help your business grow. We facilitate mergers, help with corporate reorganization and can work as a financial advisor to our clients.
If you’re looking to work with us, we also have a page about all the current job opportunities at PMI. We’re always looking to work with individuals who have good integrity, community and an ability to build strong relationships with clients. You can reach out to us about specific roles open in Irving now, and check back to see other possible options in the future.
For investment banking, equity investments and financial investment support, call us today at Precursor Management Inc. Dial 1-800-506-6068 to speak with one of our helpful advisors about your concerns. We are happy to discuss any of your questions or concerns when you call.

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